A Lifelong Companion to Canines

Meet Alex Brooks, the charismatic founder and master trainer of Vertical K9. Alex’s journey with dogs is truly a tale of destiny, one could say he was practically raised by a jovial pack of canines. With a vibrant childhood punctuated by the joyful chaos of 10-15 dogs – courtesy of his grandparents’ veterinary practice and Pharaoh Hound breeding endeavor – he quite literally learned to walk, talk, and bark in the dog’s world.

His fascination for dogs morphed into an undying love over the years, particularly for working dogs, whose discipline, agility, and intelligence continue to inspire him. Alex’s expertise is surpassed only by his passion.

Guided by his ethos that training a dog to be obedient and well-behaved should not be an uphill battle, Alex is committed to simplifying the process for dog owners. He thrives on unlocking the secret language of dogs, imparting this knowledge to owners, and helping them build enduring, meaningful relationships with their furry companions.

Choose Vertical K9 for your dog training needs and join Alex on this rewarding journey. Experience his love for dogs, benefit from his unique upbringing and vast experience, and be a part of the Vertical K9 family. Together, let’s create a world where humans and dogs understand each other a little better, one tail wag at a time.


to enhance the human-canine bond through comprehensive and compassionate training programs. We strive to educate dog owners, helping them understand their dogs' needs, behaviors, and learning methods, ultimately fostering a harmonious and rewarding coexistence.


to be a recognized leader in dog training, bringing out the best in every dog and helping owners unlock their pets' full potential. We envision a world where every dog-owner relationship is marked by understanding, respect, and mutual growth, significantly contributing to the welfare of both humans and their loyal companions.